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Bar Formulations

But we like a challenge and have since worked even closer with the guys at Supplements2u. Some of the sample products they brought were, as they say, of the highest standard and most popular in the market – that is We analysed these bars to find out their exact make up and how to replicate so that we knew what had to be carried out in order to achieve a high quality protein bar product.

Working closely with one of our first customers, they wanted to discuss the possibility of formulating their own high protein content bars. This was new to use as only previously formulating blends of powder that subsequently end up in a tub, a bar is a whole different story, the process of mixing and cooking and wrapping.

Pre-workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are all the rage in the bodybuilding and general fitness community. With one pre-workout taking the market by storm, that is Cobra Labs Shadow X pre workout, the team at Cobra Labs have put together an epic supplement that actually works exceptionally well! We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the team to help with the formulation and mixability of the pre-workout supplement.

Latest Company We Worked With – Supplements2u

Exciting news to share that is one of our latest clients, Supplements2u! We have been working closely with the team to produce a blended protein supplement, with inspiration taken from phd pharmawhey and USN Pure Protein (

Company Aspirations

Where we are currently
We are relatively well established in the UK with several companies from various markets using our services. Catering for markets such as:

Bodybuilding supplements

Weight loss supplements

Health supplements

Nutritional supplements and vitamins

Food manufacturing

Pharmaceutical industry

With a fairly extensive customer base in the UK we believe that we can become one of the highest regarded companies in our industry.

Company Aspirations in the short term

Our short term goals are to secure further production contracts within the UK and build upon our success in the national UK marketplace.

Company Aspirations longer term

Our future aspirations are to expand into Europe which presents many challenges but also opens our target market phenomenally.

Our ultimate goal would to become the next Glanbia.